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Car Alarms

We understand just how important security is these days, and that’s why we provide fully integrated alarm installations with many feature options not provided by the standard auto-maker included alarm, for added convenience. Car alarms are a vital part of today’s security and adding additional protection to your vehicle is a good choice. We give you custom installation for any make and model vehicle with options that include features such as sensors that let you know if a door, the trunk or the hood has been opened. Sensors can also detect if glass is being broken or if the car is being moved. These sensors allow for the alarm to sound and can keep the vehicle immobile. There are also 2 way systems that can alert you with your remote control or through a Smartphone app as well. GPS tracking can also be enabled, in order to find your car in the event that it is stolen.

These security features can also include the use of the remote system, allowing you to start the car, and warm or cool your car while it is still locked and alarmed, for added security. Since most new security and remote systems come with the ability to easily integrate into factory security systems, you can improve your security with ease and cost efficiency.

Our service technicians understand the details of each product they install, and can walk you through the features, to ensure that you find the best security system for your vehicle and peace of mind.

At AutoSound Solutions, we provide our customers with the best service and selection- we take pride in our professional installs and understanding of the products we offer. We want our integrity, knowledge and customer service to be the reason you share about our company. Come in and ask our technicians about the many features and advancements available in a new automobile security system.