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Remote Start Systems

At AutoSound Solutions Inc., we carry many types of remote start systems that include products for security and insurance purposes. We know that you would like to warm your car on a cold day, or cool it on a hot day, all from the convenience of being indoors. We provide many solutions including: 1-Way or 2-Way Communication, impact sensors, Glass Break sensors, remote lock and unlock of trunk and doors, alarm, panic button, starter interrupt and trunk protection- as added features to Remote Start functions.

We proudly feature BRANDS INCLUDING

These allow for reduced car insurance rates, and provide you with a high level of safety and security for you and your family. Remotes starts are simple and work with the press of a button. Once you have started your car to warm it up, your vehicle remains locked until you unlock it, and you then turn your ignition key to put the car into gear. Remote systems have many complete security features and can include temperature sensors to start a car when it gets to a set temperature, or remote start your car via your Smartphone and many other special features.

With remote starters, vehicle security and keyless entry, you can unlock your vehicle from up to 1500ft away. Pre-heat or cool your vehicle and see flashing parking lights to confirm. Features include trunk activation and car finder and panic mode. These products are diesel compatible and can include up to 6 remote run times. All of the products we install are high quality and designed for safety, security and ease of use.

We provide expert installation and you can rest assured that your installation will be done right the first time. These security products can reduce vehicle theft and offer the protection for your vehicle and contents that give you peace of mind.